Sunday, January 4, 2009


Looking at peoples' Semester at Sea pictures on Facebook makes me feel as though I've done nothing with my life. But I've seen Paris! London! Rome! I've stayed in the shittiest of shit hostels in New York fricking City and slept in the clouds at the most gorgeous Ritz hotel in Barcelona. I took a train around Austria and Italy by myself and wandered around Venice at night. I went hiking in Edinburgh and then went for a cream tea 2 hours later. I delt with a moody French lady for 4 months and managed to come out of it (reasonably) unscathed.


It's just sort of weird when you have pictures of a close friend in front of the Taj Mahal, eating dim sum in Hong Kong, or riding over sand dunes in Namibia and knowing that it all happened over 3 months and he'll be back in Boston soon. And we'll just be hanging out at some bar in Allston, Mass. It's weird.

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