Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rounding Up

I'm here, still alive. I came down with my annual hacking cough, which luckily didn't descend into bronchitis (as it's been known to do in years past). After drowning my cold in Day and Ny-quil, depending on the time of day, I am left with a teeny little cough that persists but is slowly going away.

I finished classes FINALLY, and my final isn't until Wednesday. Until then, I'll be catching up on sleep and going to a review session. I'm also supposed to have an interview for a copywriting internship at an agency in the North End. As far as the rest of the week goes, I bought a ticket to New York for Thursday. I love doing little day trips to the city because it's not a horribly long drive (4 hours each way), and I get to sneak around the museums and go shopping in proper flagships. I'm also bringing a Holga so I can capture the holiday spirit that's been sorely lacking in these parts.

Aside from a Uniqlo visit, finding a good cupcake place, and checking in on the Guggenheim, I mostly wanted to visit this: Beedle the Bard is on display at the NYPL. I have to make sure it's open on Thursday.

Friday I go back to Chicago, and I'll most likely go straight out to visit Lindsay in Madison.

And one final triumph-- I figured out my Polaroid SX70 definitely works!! Here's a picture I took of my eggs benedict this morning:

Eggs Benedict, originally uploaded by fernweh_still.

In direct sunlight, the picture turns out beautifully. Never mind my terrible scanner, which turns everything yellow.

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