Thursday, December 4, 2008


Dear Ms. [Anna]:

Our Vice President in Chicago was concerned and asked us to reach out to you with
regard to the delay of your flight on December 1 and extend our sincere apologies.
That situation must have been frustrating and we are genuinely sorry that, due to a
winter storm in the Chicago area, we didn't get you to Boston as planned.

On-time performance is very important to us and when we can't get our passengers to
their destinations as planned, well it's disappointing and costly to everyone -- our
customers and our company alike. However, we truly appreciate your patience during
the delay.

Again, we are sorry for the disruption of your plans. While Mother Nature is
undeniably a capricious partner for the airline industry, we are confident your next
trip with us will be much smoother. I hope that will be soon.


B. J. Russell
Customer Relations
American Airlines


As I said to my mom in an email forwarding this letter:

"I thought they were going to offer me money! Crap!"

...But it's a nice gesture.

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focs19 said...

haha, i was thinking the same


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