Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Trip to New York Part III

I obviously did not make my flight. I went through a few hours of bullshit at the airport. First, I was on standby. Then, I found out the plane was overbooked by 14 people (why does that happen? Anyone?) not including standby. Then, I bought a United flight for $150 and hustled my ass to that terminal, getting completely soaked in snow on the way. On my way into the terminal, the second man of the day told me I looked beautiful. I don’t know what the deal is-- like, did I look as though I was in the mood to be fucked around with?-- but they could not have been serious. I barely remembered to wash my face this morning as I jumbled out of the apartment (actually, did I wash my face?), not to mention not showering in three days. Again, by some miracle, the flight wasn’t cancelled or delayed or anything, and I got a seat.

That was at about 2:30. At which point I started drinking. We boarded the plane at 5 and I was shocked and surprised and a little bit nervous when we eventually took off around 6ish? 6:30? I was nervous because the pilot was in the middle of making an announcement about how the airport was essentially shut down, then he moved the plane away from the gate. Then, BOTH pilots took turns coming into the cabin and doing a very scientific peek through the window at each wing to make sure they weren’t icy.

Eventually, we took off and got back to Chicago safely. This is one of the first times in my life I was unhappy to see snow. Driving through it, getting soaked by it, being delayed by it: snow is just. No. Fun.

I did get home though. Thankfully.

And that is the tale of my trip to New York, return to Boston, and fateful flight home.

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