Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Trip to New York Part I

I decided on a whim to take a day trip to the city before going home for the holidays. I had it on good authority that a certain author’s handwritten, formerly limited-edition manuscript would be on display at the NYPL (Beedle the Bard) and I could also do with some Pret in my life.

When I got into the city, I immediately headed over to get a chicken and avocado sandwich. So terrible. I mean, the sandwich was delicious, but someone had the bright idea of substituting the customary, British-version herb mayonnaise with boring, American vinaigrette. The result is a completely FREAKING different sandwich from the one I enjoyed on an almost daily basis in London. Bring back the old chicken-and-avocado from Pret, please.

I got over to the library and found the book. Woot. Not. It’s a small but impressive book on its own; however, being in a display case in the middle of the gorgeous reading room made it very anticlimactic. The first page was open, so I got to examine the cover and the dedication page from behind glass. There was also a video of a man (Arthur Levine, I think) reading from the book. I watched the video and examined the book for a few minutes-- long enough to completely fly my geek flag and freak out all the people around me who were actually reading or researching-- and then headed back out.

Checking items off my list, I headed out to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. It make me want to end several peoples’ lives. Hate Midtown. Ick ick ick. Tourists, rich people and lots of delivery men were hanging around on 5th Avenue that day. Katie called, on her way to the city via train--I practically leapt into the subway and went severely downtown so I could meet her. I got some Pinkberry (original flavor with Oreos, yummm). I wandered over to Screaming Mimi’s and then down Broadway to fight my way into Uniqlo.

When Katie appeared out of thin air, we both decided a coffee and a sit was what we both needed. I took her back to a cool little place on Bowery where I got served a black coffee by a finely tattooed and be-flanned man. He told Katie and me we looked like sisters (PS: which could not be further from the truth) and then we sat outside and people watched.

I had run out of exciting activities, so I made an executive decision to take the L train to Greenpoint and find somewhere cool to get a drink. We trekked up to Union Square and got on the train and exited in another world...

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