Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ho Ho Holidays

Check out my new headgear, yo!
Isn't it cute? It's from here. I have some horrible, horrible sickness whereby I am attracted to headgear but rarely wear it out. I've decided that my library of fascinators, old hats, headbands, and clips need to come out of hiding. I also bought a really cool felt fedora in New York which will make its web debut very soon.

Sooo... what's up with the weather here in Chicago? First it snows so much I can barely get into town, then it stays snowy enough for my family to freak about little old grandparents tottering down the sidewalk to visit, THEN it gets really icy and crappy. Then today it is semi warm (30s?) so everyone perks up, until the fog comes in and ruins everything. I also nearly went off the road tonight because SOME people (Deanna) don't ice their "private drives". I was having a hard enough time with the completely dehabilitating fog.

It makes me miss driving in the summer, especially with the MINI. So free! So fun! I could take corners on two wheels and then stop on a dime. I hate ice and snow. It really brings me down.

It's been pretty normal around here, otherwise. Holidays with the family are the same with everyone: it's fun for a while, but then you try to avoid human contact. I just want to be left alone an hour a day. Don't ask me if I'm looking for a job. Obviously, I want to move home after school and live with my parents for a few years. OF COURSE I AM LOOKING FOR A FUCKING JOB.

Most of my friends feel this way. I know I am a special case in that I really am not a people person, but meh meh. Ready for New Years to be over and then I can finish off this whole school business. On the subject of New Years, I am not too excited. Thank Jeebus and all his holy friends I am 21, because I can find a bar and sit in it. But I really hate the cost of going out on New Years, plus the frantic plan-making that everyone has to do. Uggghh I go out so much at school that one night here is really nothing to celebrate.

Well I am just going to go back to looking at my headgear before I get too crabby. Viva la warm weather! Hopefully all the ice will be melted tomorrow, when I wake up. That's a positive thought, right? Yaay!

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