Saturday, November 1, 2008

This Halloween Weekend, I...

-Briefly danced with a guy in an angel costume to "Faith" by George Michael
-Helped make my roommate's cupcake costume, including duct taping the bottom of the air filter so she wouldn't get poked, hot gluing together a fascinator an hour before we went out while throwing back some wine, and making her lie down on the floor and sprinkling sprinkles over her eyelids
-Finger waved my hair and then made a bob by pinning up the ends for the ultimate flapper look
-Drank a free Belle de Jour cocktail at my friend's place of work (and it was amazing)
-Got yelled at by a cabbie and then made friends with him so he drove us all the way home even though I only had $7
-Hung out with some dude-- from a Kinks cover band-- who thought he was the hottest shit
-Hung out with some dude who plays keytar in a local band
-Will be going to a performance of Rocky Horror tonight

Halloween is the best, no?

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Anonymous said...

How was the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I am living vicariously through you since I didn't go out on Friday. I've had my costume picked out since last Halloween, but I had way to much work to make it downtown.

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