Friday, November 14, 2008

Richard Cypher and Co.


I found another extremely nerdy thing to occupy me until I eventually give in, collapse in on myself, and start playing WoW. Sigh. Presenting.... Legend of the Seeker!!

I was innocently clicking around SideReel, looking for the newest episode of True Blood, and I found a gorgeous high-res image of two women with long hair in flowy dresses on horseback and my ears immediately pricked up (see above). I downloded the first two episodes on iTunes so I can enjoy the beautiful HD scenery and have audio that matches the mouths. I'm very impressed so far! It doesn't feel like Sci Fi low-budget at all.

The show is based on the Terry Goodkind books, The Sword of Truth series. I realized about 20 minutes into the first episode that I'd actually read some of the books, starting with one of the last in the bunch.

Hopefully, the show will get some viewers and continue for a few more episodes at least. I had not heard one single thing about this-- usually, I can sniff this stuff out while it's still in production. Stranger still, I completely missed the first two or three episodes.

Rest assured, I do still maintain a busy social calendar. With real people. Who don't go to Ren Fairs.

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