Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rain Rain Not Again

Arg this weather is doing my head in. I'm used to ridiculous amounts of rain, having lived with it all last spring, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. At this rate, I'm regretting not bringing my rain boots along to school with me. You know, the ones from Paris that look like black riding boots. The shop lady assured me the tops would stretch until I could comfortably jump in and out of them with no issue. Of course, they never did stretch-- putting them on takes about 5 minutes per leg, and I can only wear my most skin tight of drainpipes. When they're on, I can find my pulse at my calf, and I feel as though I might have a claustrophobic attack. But my feet stay dry! Result.

I have all sorts of weird errands to run, things that have been on my list and in my moleskin since the first week of school. I know for a fact some of them will never get done here in Boston-- tailoring dresses? Ordering more contacts? These might as well be stricken from the list.

My poor bracelet from Les Néréides that I broke this summer will hopefully get fixed soon. I wore it every day since I bought it... grr. There are also sunglass lenses to replace (as much as I love some other person's prescription and weird old-lady brownish tints, the frames could do with an update), makeup to buy, and laundry to fold up and put away.

Or I might just curl up and wait until it stops raining. Either way.

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