Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Locked Out

Well, I just had my first ever locked-out-of-my-apartment experience.

::bowing:: Thank you, thank you.

As far as these situations go, mine was the best possible scenario. Through some miracle of Heaven, I stepped outside my apartment in long PJ pants, a hoodie, and hard-soled slippers. I was just going to take a picture of my hallway for a project due tomorrow, when I realized-- OH FUCKING SHIT-- that I didn't have a key. And then the door closed.

I sort of shook my head at myself for a minute or two, then went to find the RA. Not home. I trudged back upstairs and resigned myself to a half hour or so before a roommate or our friend with an illegal key happened to drop by. The enormity of my situation sank in slowly-- the friend has a cold and is probably sound asleep now; one roommate is at a show; the other roommate is probably in class until 9PM.

Being an average modern girl, I couldn't think of a single phone number off the top of my head. Everything is programmed into my phone, which was sitting snug on my bed. I vowed to learn how to pick a lock as I tried, unsuccessfully, to kick my way into the apartment.

Finally, I knocked on the neighbor's door and told her I was leaving the building to get the spare key at the residence office down the street. If the office was closed for the night or something, would she please let me into the apartment again so I could just sit outside my door and wait?

Her: [blank stare]
Me: I'm going? To get a key? Could you let me in if that doesn't work out?
Her: You'll buzz up?
Me: Yes. [finger buzzing motion]
Her: Oh okay. Oh. But I can't let you in from upstairs. I'd have to go downstairs and let... you... in...
Me: [nodding slowly and grimly]
Her: ...Fine.

I made it over to the office with no problems. Thank everything that is sacred, it was open. I got the key and filled out a little form so they don't charge me. One question on the form, and my response, made me laugh all the way home.

Reason for lock out: "Door closed faster than anticipated."

ETA: I just FUCKING got locked out. AGAIN. My roommate came home so I asked her to film something in the hallway and then we both realized neither had brought a key with us. Arrrgh. It was a long, shameful walk to and from the office with an RA this time, to guard the master key from my idiot hands.

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Anonymous said...

that is a much better experience than my first freshman lockout. i didn't realize i was locked out until i came back from a shower. in my uncomfortably small towel, i had to walk downstairs to get the male janitor to open my door.

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