Sunday, November 16, 2008

Font Off

I just had one of the funniest/weirdest conversations--

Me: [wearing my Helvetica shirt with a big old H on it] [waiting for the bartender to notice me]
Strange guy: Heyyy! H is my second favorite letter!
Me: What? Oh. What's your favorite?
Guy: A!
Me: I'm an A! My name is Anna!
Guy: Me too! What a coincidence!
Me: ...
Guy: So what does the H stand for?
Me: Helvetica... I'm a huge nerd. [awkward laughter; furtive glances at the bartender, who is completely ignoring me]
Guy: Like the typeface?? Wow. Well, you know that is a great one. One of the best.
Me: Yea...
Guy: Those serif fonts are so arrogant. I actually prefer Veranda, myself.
Me: Oh, really?
Guy: Yea... Well, I'm an attorney, so I type up these long, serious documents. And then I change them to Comic Sans! It's such a fun font!
Me: ......... Oh. * I think Comic Sans is the worst font ever.
Guy: I think I'm also on a Wingdings kick now. I like to type stuff and see what sort of pretty pictures I can make.
Me: Cool. [kicking my roommate's leg so she turns around]
Roommate: [stepping smoothly in front of the strange man and motioning to the bartender.] Can we get some drinks?

*a screengrab from my facebook profile:


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which ex-boyfriend are you referring to on your facebook profile? i'm so out of the loop! who and when? leave me a message on facebook please.


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