Monday, October 20, 2008

Head of the Charles

Finally... some new, interesting photos from this weekend. The Head of the Charles regatta went extremely well. If by "well" you mean I got tons of free stuff and watched a few boats go past. I walked from my apartment to Harvard Square and ate Chipotle for lunch as a reward. It felt supremely collegiate at Harvard because everyone was in their boat shoes, "crew" shirts, and was cheering for illustrious teams like Yale. After our school's team went past, my friends and I decided to cheer for a team dressed in horizontal black and white striped tank top leotards. They were practically wearing berets, holding croissants, and yelling "hon hon hon!" while twirling their mustaches.

I went to the BC v Virginia Tech game last night because my roommate's mom went to Tech. We got all decked out in borrowed Tech gear and alternated between cheering and slowly freezing to the metal benches. It was. SO. cold. I had a great time, though, because I haven't seen a college football game for a few years. I wish we had a team!

The Sox lost tonight, which means I won't be camping out for World Series tickets. Would I have done that anyways, you ask? Probably not. So all is well in the world.

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