Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Use

I ordered a DVD player from and, by the time it arrived, my mom had found my old DVD player and sent it to Boston. I took the DVD player in its original package-- which had been sitting, innocent and unopened, in my room for a few days-- back to the post office and sent it off. I had expected an of customer service, in which I would get a full (or nearly full) refund. Instead, Overstock charged me over $9 to ship it, and then didn't refund the $2.95 of fees. When I contacted Overstock via their nifty im-chat sort of thing, the computer/nice man probably in India or prison ("her" name was "Helen" and had a buddy icon of a blonde woman with an eery smile) told me I wouldn't be getting any of the $12 back. In addition to their ugly website and weird advertising, now I lost about $12 for a product I never looked at. High ho, consumerism-- I'm never using again.

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