Friday, October 17, 2008

Deep Thoughts, Part... ?

--Somehow, my school has not one single printer for 11x14 inch paper. Travesty. I was told to check out the School of Fine Arts, and opted not to as my project was due in 20 minutes. This should probably be looked into.
--They were painting the walls in the stairwell, so the numerous times I ran up and downstairs, I got a teensy but awesome fume high.
--One of my professors showed us nearly an entire reel of 1992 Cannes Lions award winners. Really? There's no good work to show us from after 1992?
--I spent the entire iMovie exercise during my late class checking up on British music blogs and then did the :30 clip in five minutes and practically jogged back home. I am sincerely terrified to learn Flash, however.
--Jess checked the Sox score and laughed, then went to bed. About half an hour later, I had to shut my window because there was a ruckus of yelling, clapping, and honking. and the douche outside confirm the Sox tied it up. Thank you, Sir on the street downstairs. Yes, Hell of a win, as you keep yelling. Now go home.

I am extremely excited for this weekend, because my roommate's mom is coming and I have big plans. I need to take pictures, for a start. I have half a roll of film left in my Holga, and my Flickr is overrun with interesting but ultimately not good mobile phone pictures. The Virginia Tech v BC game on Saturday will be interesting to see in person. I have full confidence in Jess's ability to teach me all applicable chants and fight songs before I go in and cheer on some Hokies. What is a Hokie?

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