Monday, September 22, 2008

Rant, Rant, Rant

As usual, once I hit city streets, I slide back into Bitchface. It's not a conscious move-- I just don't see the need in pretending to smile at strangers when it's gray and cloudy and there's work to be done. However, unlike Paris or New York, Boston doesn't take too kindly to this face. I'm annoyed that people try to make eye contact with me on the T. I'm annoyed when people look at what I'm wearing and visibly react. I'm also annoyed when people stare at me as I enter the union or try to edge around groups of loud, slow freshmen. I think I'm about ready for a permanent move to a big city where people look mean all the time. It suits me.

I saw Girltalk in concert the other night, what a mess. Somehow, one of the student groups managed to get good old Greg to come play a show, and I had stood in line for 45 minutes to get tickets. Of course, nothing went smoothly on the night of. They didn't let the huge line of people in until half hour after doors were supposed to open. Two people searched bags and patted down 1500 kids. The first opening band was good, but I was extremely distracted by short people in stilettos and ridiculous American Apparel dregs pushing past me to get to the front. After the second opening band went on, my friends and I gave up and moved to the back so we could have some air. No one at the concert under the age of 21 seemed to have any concert etiquette, nor did any of them appear to be sober. My school can afford to have about 10 policemen outside the venue, standing around and shooting suspicious glances. None of those policemen, however, could come inside and rough up the ridiculously drunk or high underaged kids shoving everyone else around.

The second band absolutely sucked. They came out with their handmade shirts and tilted hats, and then jumped around to other peoples' songs. Occasionally, someone would play the drums over the recordings. I think they actually sang two songs, but the lead singer was so terrible and shrieky that at least 50 people left before Girltalk came onstage.

We found a comfortable place on the floor and waited until 12:30-- a half hour after the concert was supposed to be over-- and then got up to dance for Girltalk. Except for a stage light that someone felt the need to shine in our faces for a good 15 minutes, and the five minutes where the entire left side block of speakers turned off, Girltalk's set was great.

What else is annoying me lately? People who don't close the elevator grate so I have to climb 5 flights of stairs to get back to my apartment. A girl I work with who has never apparently had a real job: she went into a funk when our boss told us to shred some documents. After 5 minutes of silence and her clicking around on Facebook, I started heading downstairs alone and then she told me earnestly: "I hate when she doesn't ask me to do things. She tells me." She's our boss? That's what bosses do?

Last night was a shining beacon amongst the negativity. I camped out on the couch with a roommate and a friend and watched the Emmys Red Carpet, ate some Indian takeout, and then watched the Emmys. It was amazing. A friend who goes to school near LA somehow scored a job at the Governor's Ball and got a "Good night" from Kevin Bacon. I'm excited and proud to be only 2 degrees away from the man himself.

I'm going to class. Maybe a client meeting later will cheer me up.

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