Sunday, September 28, 2008

Perfect Situation

My roommate and our friend had been planning to see Weezer in concert last week: they had the tickets, the time spot cleared, and were just waiting on another friend to respond about whether he was going too, and if he could drive them. Tthe concert was in Lowell, about 45 minutes away, and extremely out of the public transportation question.

The friend with the car finally responded, and it didn't look good. He wasn't going anymore--had two tickets in fact-- and therefore wouldn't drive. But! My friends could use his car. Which is manual.

I got a call as I was wandering around MIT, trying to find The Garment District so I could begin developing my Halloween costume. The gist was: heeey Annnaaa, wanna come to Weezer? [Guy with car] has two tickets and bonus! You get to drive a manual car! Isn't that exciting?

Cut to two days later, as I screeched around Allston and BC, trying to get used to a new car's transmission and simultaneously not go down a one-way or turn into a trolley. We got there eventually, parked for free in a lot right across the street while others paid $20 for another lot down the road, and just missed most of Tokyo Police Club's set.

My two tickets were GA, so I got a wristband and free access to the ground floor around the stage. My two friends were trapped in seats, but they were pretty close in any case. I kept them company during Angels and Airwaves's set. They were pretty good! Then I went down to get a spot for Weezer and saw this: A small boy crowd-surfing before any music started. It was hilarious.

Weezer was extremely, extremely good. I forgot how much music they'd made over the years; it seems like, with every song, I was unlocking parts of my brain that had died off. Hash Pipe? What a genius song! It came out during highschool (maybe even earlier, like 8th grade). The band is seriously very musical, and they rock hard. They all came out wearing white jumpsuits that quickly got discarded for matching red warmup suits, like Chaz Tenenbaum. For days, I've had El Scorcho stuck in my head.

And despite the car's best efforts, I didn't hit anyone, get a ticket, or get hit in return. On the way home, we took the long way around the city and drove next to the huge bridge near the airport and the science museum. Seeing it lit up at night, with the white rays stretching overhead, was impressive.

I drove down Comm Ave for the first time ever, and then managed to park it without any problems. Score! I'm getting excited about some other shows I'm seeing in the next few weeks, plus a visit from my Dad and perhaps my uncle, too.

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