Monday, September 1, 2008

No Handlebars

Back at school, back at school.

I simply adore my apartment, dahling, it's divine. But seriously, we're on the top floor of a big brownstone-ish type block, with my single overlooking Beacon Street. From the kitchen you can see the city. There's also a window in the shower, which I loove, because there's so much sun I don't have to turn on the overhead light to be in there.

We're within a 5-minute walk to the movie theater, various shops like Bed Bath and Beyond, and there's a Chipotle-- YES, A CHIPOTLE-- going in just down the street. Next door is a bike shop, which is convenient for me and my new bike.

A friend of mine from school is abroad this semester, and she's having me babysit her bike until she gets back. In theory it's a terrific idea, but in practice, I haven't been on a bike since Amsterdam and then it was still a bit harrowing. And still, that city is a shrine to bikes, and they make it the easiest place in the world to have a bike and ride it around the downtown. I had to pick the bike up about 2 miles west of my apartment, and the easiest way to get bike to mine is Comm. Ave. Eek.

There I was, full of bravado, attempting to ride down what is probably the busiest non-freeway in Boston. Thankfully, someone decided to add a bike lane, so it only took about 2 swerves and a near accident to reach that lane safely. By the time I made a stop at CVS, I was sweating and shaking from the fear. There's nothing like adrenaline and the certainty that you'll be hit to get your heart rate up.

I got off Comm. Ave. on the way home, going south of the Mass Pike so I could pedal a bit more leisurely. Wrong-- I had a heavy bag of shampoo, etc, trying to find my balance and not get cut off by people moving in. I almost got hit again when a car waiting for the cop on a bike in front of me decided to get between us.

No matter! I got to my apartment and locked up the bike, then stumbled into the bike shop for a basket and some bungee cords. I am determined to use the bike while it's still warm and sunny, so I'll install the carrier basket to the back of the bike and then just wear the helmet and go with it. Anything that gives me 20 more minutes of sleep in the morning = good for me.

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