Monday, September 22, 2008

C'est Pas Vrai!!!

I'm in a better mood now, but, Ohh sweet Lord did I just have an embarrassing conversation on the street. One of my professors from Paris happened to be walking past so I accosted her and managed to forget every word of French I'd ever learned. I'm 100% putting it down to surprise and cold, because I spent the summer doing a class in Chicago AND not to mention, I lived in Paris for OH FIVE MONTHS OR SO.

This was the professor who taught me--completely in French-- Literature in the Age of Versailles, watched me present a powerpoint on Versailles for 10 minutes without notes (or um, preparation--other than making the slides look gorgeous. That's me, style over substance), and gave me an outstanding grade on my final interview in front of 4 other French people about my internship. And I just asked her if she's "learning French classes" this semester. And then said I was forgetting all "ma" fran├žais.


The good news is, I have gotten a swift kick in the ass. I'm vowing to watch the news on TV5 once a day, download podcasts from OUI FM or France 2, and will take at least one speaking class at school next semester (which I was going to do anyways). I've also emailed Madame with a friendly "Hello! I'm not dead yet! And I will also be looking for a job soon so ifyouknowanyone who needs an American around, hollaback!"

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Anonymous said...

Girltalk came to Colgate about two weeks ago as well. I heard it was just as poorly organized and even less fun than your concert, as the sound wouldn't work for about an hour. Apparently they didn't forsee how much power the speakers were going to draw and the system shorted... or something. People also got upset at the rowdy drunk students who started a mosh pit- it was bad all around, and thankfully I didn't go.

But I'm glad you're happier now!

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