Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Bit Sick

I was in the middle of rolling over when my alarm went off. Ugh. What a terrible surprise. Some people across the echo-y street last night decided to have a midnight karaoke party that stretched into 1 am and then 2am and then I fell asleep.

I feel a bit sick so to make me feel better (... or maybe just match my physical mood), I'm looking at other peoples' study abroad pictures on Facebook. It's sort of cute because none of them have discovered anything beyond Westminster and Southwest London yet-- I saw a couple Camden Market pictures, and I know one of my friends there has been to Borough Market because I took her there myself when she came to visit. Otherwise, it's tons of Hyde Park and Notting Hill pastels. Pictures from school trips to Cambridge, Bath, and Avebury all look familiar. Possibly because I have nearly the same ones from my trips, and my friends who were there have identical ones to mine.

I'm looking forward to pictures from Shoreditch and Hampstead, when people stop hanging out near Parliament Square and do a bit of exploring. That'll be soon.

I think about going back every day.

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