Monday, August 18, 2008

Mo' Hair, Mo' Problems

My hair, which started out being slightly too short on the top layers and vaguely okay-ish toward the bottom, is now heading dangerously close to a mullet. Thanks to my new fascination with trying to make my hair do things it doesn't really want to (aka, forties-style updo, finger waves, pinning up the ends so it looks like a bob), it's taken me a bit longer to notice the dire situation. My highlights are also approaching danger zone with the roots, but I have decided to be zen. Perhaps I shall segue into wearing ponytails? Perhaps a bit more fluffing is necessary in the mornings? Or maybe I will just whole-heartedly embrace the molecular gastronomy of restructuring my hair, and full on do whatever I gotta do to tame the mullet.

In other news, someone in Mexico has apparently tried to steal my identity. $150 was missing from my debit account the other day, despite me not losing my credit card or trying shady online betting sites with unsecure networks. My bank, Chase, immediately flagged my account. Then, after the card had been frozen, someone in Mexico tried to spend over $400. I realized my card wasn't working almost immediately, called Chase during a break from dinner, and they closed the account. I'm getting a new card in the mail, Claims is sending me a rebate form, and I strolled into the Michigan Avenue branch today and got a temporary card in five minutes.

I am SO IMPRESSED with Chase! I've had minor issues in the past that were immediately resolved after one quick phone call. The online banking system is about 10 times more organized than Bank of America's, and their bankers all seem completely capable and intelligent. Unfortunately, they don't have any ATMs in Boston (or sister banks in France or the UK), so I had to transfer funds to my B of A account during the school year.

And finally, I had another comparatively minor identity breach today. After a week away from my desk at work, I logged into Pandora. My favorite stations topping the list are Iggy Pop Radio, The Kills Radio, and The Rolling Stones Radio: well, imagine my surprise when Danity Kane Radio started playing. My mouth dropped open as I scrolled down and deleted Jay Z Radio, Homecoming Radio (?), and other completely unfamiliar names. Thanks a lot, Pandora! I love your easily accessible front end that stores my log-in information waaay longer than it should. But seriously! One dubious freelancer is all it takes to turn my customized music genome project thingie into a completely mess. (as it should be)

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