Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot Off The Presses

Probably the most exciting part of my summer was finding out I could read The London Paper online: more than just reformatted articles, the paper opens up with graphics and a cool little page turning animation that makes me feel a teensy bit like I'm back on the Tube, fighting politely for a seat and turning up my iPod when the lady over the loudspeaker gets annoying. They even email me the cover every day at about 10 AM, so I can make the mental decision, while I'm clicking over to read it, whether to also pick up the London Lite. (If the cover was boring or I had a long train ride, I would have picked up both. Of course, I can't now, because I'm not in England anymore. It's just a shallow mockery of my former life. Okay? Okay.) Image Hosted by ImageShack.us (note: the site doesn't really work in Safari, so switch to Firefox if you're on a Mac)

Today, though, I was a bit taken aback by the cover. Obama assasination plot?? Well, it was my first news check of the day. I haven't even finished my Red Bull or gone downstairs to peek at the newspapers or turn on the TV, so it was entirely possible this had happened. I immediately checked The New York Times Online, and then CNN.com. Um. Nothing.

The London Times is not The National Enquirer of the British World: it's also not hard-hitting or anything, but most people respect it. The afternoon papers are sort of aggregators of all the AP and Reuters stories of the day, combined with features on weird British people living in isolation who wear sweaters made of dogs' hair, and then the Lovestruck column.*

My Mom also had heard a tiny bit about it but there were no long articles to tell us more. I read in TLP about how some Neo-Nazis had been arrested at the DNC and were planning to kill Obama. Whaat? How come there wasn't information about this in an American newspaper? Mom offered up the idea that they were trying to keep this under wraps. I can see that widespread national panic isn't ideal, but hello? This isn't China. We deserve to know what's going on.

More on this, as the story develops.

*Lovestruck was my favorite part of TLP. People text or email small snippets about seeing people they fancy on the trains, buses, or the street. Then, the person who it's written about can email the paper and get a phone number if they want to meet the person in question. It's really cute because a lot of the people are very creative and write very touching stories. I'm pretty sure someone wrote one about Jess last year-- it described a ginge in a black coat on the way to Ladbroke Grove, where she worked. CAUUUTE!

ETA: Looks like it's on Perez, which makes it true. Hmm.

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