Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I walked past this at Guess on the way to work and had to double back again. Hard to see with a camera phone pic, I know, but I'll describe it. Basically, it's a mannequin wearing a short black dress that buttons in the front, with one slight defect. You can see, without any effort, her entire crotch. If she had one, I mean.

If you can't even get a dress to look decent on a mannequin, how in God's green Earth can a normal person wear it? I prefer not to flash my fanny at passersby, thanks.


In other news, I read an article online about how Facebook can take your uploads and sell them to third parties. That freaked me out immediately, mostly because all of my best photography is on there. If I'm not making money off my pictures, there's no way in fuck that Facebook is making money off them.

I sadly told all my friends to download whatever they wanted or look on flickr for the rest. I had about 50 albums, most of them at capacity (60 pictures), full. It was hard to delete everything, from tags of my friends to comments left by totally random people. I was also a bit nervous because, after the Great iPhoto Crash of December 2007, not 100% of my pictures were recovered. I saved what I thought I didn't have, shrugged at the rest, and deleted.

Ahhhh. Fresh and clean. Of course, Facebook can still technically have those photos on their server somewhere. I'm just hoping deleting them cut down on any risk for my copyright.

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