Thursday, July 24, 2008

Geeking Outside the House

I forgot to mention I saw Batman at midnight when Jess was here. We both sat comfortably with popcorn, surrounded by guys in full costume-- one even came as Harry Potter, for whatever reason. I loved the movie. It was actually a good tour of Chicago for Jess. I kept noticing scenery and buildings I pass on the way to work, and it got a bit distracting. Christian Bale was sexy, Heath Ledger was amazing, and Maggie G was a thousand times better than Katie Holmes. Overall, a really great film. I spent half the time freaking out about something or other.

Getting out to the parking lot at 2:45 was a big problem because everyone had to verify their ticket before leaving. The whole place smelled like frat house and I was forever thankful those years are behind me.

My new phone from Verizon (see screencap from their website) has internet access so I can be always connected to a shadow version of Facebook, sleek and pretty Twitter, and whatever else I choose. I discovered Leaky News has an excellent mobile site, so I'll start reading that again. With the months leading up to Half-Blood Prince, I need to stay ahead of P3r3z Hilton's stupid tip-offs and spoiler pictures posted weeks after they find their way online.
And finally, I have not even scrolled through all the Dr. Who episodes collecting "!"s on my TiVo. However. There is apparently a Dr. Who-themed prom happening in London sometime soon. The Doctor himself is rumored to make a video appearance. Lucky nerds...

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