Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back to School

I went to a retro hair class at the Galaxie downtown and it rocked. Two ladies decked out in '40s vintage showed us how to set (either wet or dry) hair into big curls and finger waves, and then style it. I was really going to learn how to do finger waves-- I had no idea they had to be set with hair damp and then soaked in gel. It's hard to do with long hair (afterall, in the '20s and '30s, hair was in a bob at the chin), so I'm going to force my mom into letting me try it on her.

We watched a Power Point with images showing various styles up until the late '60s... I was so impressed by how much time it took to get ready for an average day, back then. If you wanted to wet set, you'd have to sleep with curlers or pin curls... Any other types of curls had to be heat set with curlers and even portable driers like the ones we see at salons today. There was no such thing as wash-and-go until the late '60s and '70s. Even then, hair had to be stick straight or winged, so it was probably similar effort, just less payoff.

My goal was to perfect the two curls heading away from the part, or else winging back up toward it. I had to use hot rollers to relax my natural curls and make them big and bouncy. Then you have to bobby pin back the sides and make a curl of the ends, then use the remaining hair on the top of your head to make another curl. The end result is what seems to be one long curl along your temple to behind your ear. Like so:
My hair is a bit too poufy and I just have too much of it and combined with the length, it doesn't translate well for an authentic, period style. The big curls are way too big, but I still like them. In order to finish this off, I should also set the rest of my hair and comb it out into organized waves. I could also pull it into a low ponytail and then pin sections into curls all along the nape of my neck.

For now, because I have stuff to do, I'll keep it as is. And hope Mom lets me do her finger waves.

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