Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ahoy Mateys

Yesterday, on the Water Taxi, the commuters were gawking.

Everyone had put down their Blackberries and turned down their music to lean over the edge of the boat to point and even laugh at a sight I couldn't see. Turning around and craning my neck, I finally saw what people were staring at: four men and a beautiful woman in skinny jeans, suspenders, and a dress, respectively. In canoes. With their instruments tucked inside. Everyone was paddling, even the woman in the sparkly dress, and a photographer was cradling his camera away from our boat's wake.

I laughed out loud as they realized we were turning and they were in our way. There were something extremely entertaining about a hipster band frantically paddling while squeezing guitar cases between their knees.

I didn't recognize them, but I assume it's a Chicago band. Let me know if you see any pictures with two canoes and some cool looking kids.

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