Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Stuff: Skirts

I've always been more of a skirts-and-dresses than a jeans-and-tshirt girl: all through high school, I amassed a huge collection of the frilliest, pinkest, and most beautiful skirts I could find and afford. When I went off to college, I had to stifle my love for the skirt. I realized Boston's weather (read: wind and soo much rain) made it silly and almost hazardous to wear anything but dark jeans and wellies.

Last night I was on the hunt for some photos I hadn't seen since before the move, and came across a box of skirts that couldn't fit into my ridiculously small closet. The box had been banished to the attic until I graduated, or completely got rid of all my other clothes, or built a walk-in closet. I unloaded some of them and realized that, despite maybe being a bit tighter than they had been in high school, most of them are still in perfect shape and can be worn out and about in this forgiving weather.

My closet (the part you can see from my bed): the two right piles are skirts and dresses that I wear often enough to win a spot on the shelf.

A nude-colored Tara Jarmon from the soldes in Lyon about 3 years ago.

This one (from Anthropologie) nearly goes horizontal from all the layers underneath.

And finally... when a bubble-hem skirt just will not sling around the hips anymore...

Decide it is high-waisted.

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