Tuesday, June 17, 2008


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I feel as though my world's collapsing around me. After a week of getting strange looks on the bus and feeling waaay too paranoid to function, I had my sister help me with a sound check on my headphones. And my gorgeous, shiny, retro-looking, perfect soundquality headphones crashed and burned. With the music at a reasonable level, you can hear every word leak through the headphones and around my ear to any innocent passerby.

This doesn't sound life-shattering, but I spent every day in Paris and London commuting to work with big, DJ headphones blaring anything from the Stones to the Kooks. In fact, in a particularly rebellious mood during another paranoid swing, I cranked up my Best of the Ramones CD and just sat in sullen, stoney-faced silence on the bus. Now I realize what an asshole I must have looked.

I reallllyyyy hate having sound leaks in my headphones because I can't listen to my music without feeling guilty. Jess did a sound check with my first pair of DJ headphones in Paris, swearing up and down that she couldn't hear any bit of the Clash I had at maximum level.

Those broke, of course, but now I'm on the lookout for that same pair of headphones over here.

Until then, I'm going to play soft stuff like I did on Monday-- Velvet Underground-- and keep the volume vaair low.

[And don't tell me to use Apple in-ear headphones-- they have horrible sound quality, hurt my ears, break much more easily, annnd there is still a tinny sound leak]

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